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This information comes to us from Jean Genet, the founder of Byonetics. As a recovered vaccine injured child, himself, I totally value his input.

Important Autism Vitamins 

Jean Genet is a researcher of brain mechanisms (how the brain works) and an autism survivor. Genet believes that there is a severe chemical imbalance in children with autism that causes mental, physical,and emotional disorders. Certain vitamins and minerals received in pill form or from specific foods can bring the child's chemical system back into balance thus reducing the number of disorders.

Genet believes that it is common sense to have the diet of autistic children supplemented with vital nutrients and vitamins. Genet has provided certain vitamins and minerals to address certain disorders:

Genet finds that Vitamin A is important in addressing issues with the immune system. Vitamin A provides protection from viruses.

To establish sensory perception and to promote good vision Vitamin A is a must.

Children with autism have problems mentally focusing and paying attention. Vitamin A enhances these functions.

Language processing is promoted through the use of Vitamin A.

What are the sources of Vitamin A?  Beef liver, Egg yolk, Cheddar cheese, Fortified milk or through pill form.

Proper brain function is a must for moving through autism. Metabolizing carbohydrates provides the energy for the brain to function properly. Vitamin B1 in pill form or from: Pork, Whole-grain cereals, Rye and whole-wheat flour, Wheat germ, Navy beans and kidney beans enhances brain function.

Researchers are identifying damaged DNA structures in children with autism. Vitamin B2 in pill form or from: Riboflavin-enriched breads and cereals, Red meats, Green, leafy vegetables, Dairy products repair these DNA structures.

Restricted cerebral blood flow in children with autism is becoming more and more common. Vitamin B3 enhances blood flow through the brain.

Tryptophan is known to induce sleep. Vitamin B3 possesses tryptophan.

Vitamin B3 can be found in:  Meat, poultry, fish, Peanuts, Yeast's, Milk and eggs 

Damaged brain nerve cells restrict the brain's ability to process information. Vitamin B6 repairs this damage.

What are the sources of Vitamin B6? Pork, Fish, Eggs, Soybeans, Oats, Whole grains, Bananas, Nuts and seeds or in pill form.

Children with autism suffer from confusion, slow thinking, forgetfulness, and even psychotic episodes. Vitamin B12 in pill form or from: Meat, Milk products, Eggs, Cheese, Chicken, Fish enhances these processes.

Genet understands that the food groups provided are not foods that children with autism will eat however these vitamins can be found in pill form.

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