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Getting Kids to Take Their Herbs

It never pays to force kids to take their medicine - they will just resist and hide future symptoms from you. Most of the herbs I recommend here my kids will take cheerfully, but here are some tricks I have learned along the way:

Honey Spoons
To get my autistic child to take capsules (which she will not swallow, yet) I empty the capsule into a spoon, fill it with all-natural honey and mix. Herbs with a super strong flavor may not work this way - but my kids take Laminine and Coral Calcium this way happily.

Teaching a kid to swallow capsules
I have tried and tried with no luck to do this - then I had my older niece try to teach my youngest daughter and it was done in 2 minutes. Often kids can speak to each other in ways that adults can not, it seems. I had the same experience with bubble blowing, incidentally.

Herbs need to be taken consistently for them to work - so finding a time that is vitamin time each day can be very helpful. My youngest likes to get her vitamins first thing in the morning, while my autistic child prefers them in the bathtub. Getting kids into the habit will eventually have them asking you if you forget, so this is very important.

Herbs in liquids
So many of us think to put powdered herbs into our kids juice cup - but often times the taste of the herbs ruins the juice and the herbs never get in the body. It is often best to put the herbs in a small amount of water, then follow it with a full glass of delicious juice. Sometimes, my youngest will fill her mouth with a bit of water, then hold it open for me to squeeze some liquid herbs in. Odd, perhaps, but it was her idea and she loves that I go along with it - and she takes her herbs happily.

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